Morning Announcements


  1. Earbuds/Air pods/headphones of any kind are not allowed to be used while on campus.  This includes before class, during lunch, breaks, and after school.  They are allowed on the bus if your bus driver allows them.  They can also be used in class if your teacher permits them to be used on assignments.  This is the last time we will announce this, and these items will be confiscated if you are using them. 

  2. Students a reminder of our new attendance policy: any absences after 8 will be made up in after school tutoring, Saturday school, or end of semester make up days.  Please keep up with your absences.  Coach Vaughan has posted current absence totals in the office window. Turn in notes to excuse these absences and tardies as soon as possible. 

  3. Reminder to students: pajama pants and blankets are not allowed to be used during school hours.  Please do not have your blankets out during class, in the halls, or in the cafeteria.  

  4. Faculty/Staff/Students: Please do not let anyone not associated with our school in any door. All visitors, parents, and others need to enter through the proper entrance at the front of the school and follow the check-in procedures. .  Do not 

open any door, including the front glass doors to let anyone in our building.  We must do all we can to keep our building secure so 

  1. We have seen several students with personal cups and bottles for their use during 

the school day.  Water is the only liquid allowed in your personal cups. If you are found to have any other drink, you will be required to pour it out.  Please adhere to this policy for your protection.

  1. Hunter's Safety Course,  Saturday, May 4,8:00 Am to 4:00 PM  Ages 9 and up, Open to the public, free of charge. 

  2.  If a student is seen wearing a cap, hat in the building that hat will be taken and kept in Mr. Morris or Mrs. Rhonda office until your parents come to school to pick that head covering up.  Hats are not to be worn in FHS this includes classrooms, hallways.  This rule is in the FHS handbook on page 32.  Classroom teachers page 32 of the handbook states no head coverings.  They are not to be worn in classrooms.  

  3. The Talent Show is May 8 at 1:00 in the alumni gym. Anyone interested in participating in the talent show needs to see Mrs. Ritch or give their info to her by this Wednesday. 

  4.  Friday, May 3 is school lunch Hero Day! Be sure to tell our cafeteria heroes how much you appreciate them!

  5.  Timesheets need to be turned into Mrs. Julianne by Friday morning. May is a large payroll month, and we need to get started ASAP.

The mission of Frank Hughes School is to enhance learning to allow students to meet or exceed academic standards while reaching his/her highest potential in a safe and caring environment so they may become productive citizens.

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