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FHS Student Handbook
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Tuesday, August 25, 2020
FHS School Handbook
FHS School Handbook
2020-2021 Handbook now available on this website

Beginning this school year, we are going to publish our Frank Hughes School Student Handbook on our website instead of sending a copy home with each student.  You will find a "Handbook" section on the left side of our homepage, this will take you to our complete student handbook.  We will also email a copy of this handbook to each student throug their school email account and "Studentvue" app so  they will have access to our school policies and guidelines.  Our policies have mostly remained unchanged, we have updated portions of the handbook, and we have added the Wayne County Schools Return to School Framework and Parent Guide as appendixes.  We hope this is a convienent way to convey our polices and guidelines to all those stakeholders involved. 

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