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Wayne County Bd. of Education Central Office Information
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Friday, October 30, 2020
Wayne County Board of Education releases info concerning short term School Closures

Wayne County Board Of Education

P.O. BOX 658


MARLON DAVIS - Superintendent


October 30, 2020 

To: Wayne County School Community From: Marlon Davis, Director of Schools 

Re: short-term closures 

The Wayne County School System continues to monitor COVID-19 cases within our schools and will take all appropriate measures to ensure the safety of our students and employees. Daily management and decisions related to COVID involve utilizing the Tennessee Department of Health questionnaires, flow charts, and protocols. These decisions are made with student/staff safety in mind while also doing our best to offer a quality education for our students. 

We will adjust our plans at any point by re-evaluating the health situation and data. Currently, positive COVID-19 cases among our students remain low. The majority of students and staff affected by quarantine decisions are related to close contact with a positive case, or identified as a household contact. However, positive COVID-19 cases and isolation of faculty and staff could potentially result in short-term closures of a cluster of students, class, grade level, school, schools in a community, or district-wide. The biggest issue for us will be managing replacements of staff during quarantine or isolation. 

Please make sure you have preparations in place for short term closings. If short term closures occur, teachers will be delivering instructional services to your child through virtual or printed materials. The length of a short-term closure may be 3 to 5 days or as long as 14 to 21 days. 

This will be determined by the number of staff or students affected and the potential quarantine time. The instructional model will shift to the distance learning model that your student is already accustomed to. 

Our goal is to keep students in school, and we feel our educational product and outcomes are much better when students are attending in the classroom. We must seriously consider the health risks while also considering the long-term effects of academic deficits that have occurred during this unprecedented time. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we navigate through this continued pandemic. 


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